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Guess who just got A JOB?
Guess who just got a job with THE GOVERNMENT?
Guess who just got a job with the government AS A WRITER?

Hint: It is not me.
Hint: Okay, it might be me.

5+ Sword of Nerdery

What Shaun And I Did For Our Anniversary: Played World of Warcraft. Or, more accurately, he taught me how to play and sat there patiently while I got scared by lynxes and fell into lakes and such.

In truth, though, I actually kinda like it -- I respond well to both rewards and repetitive tasks, and this game has plenty of both. I have a Blood Elf Hunter named Beezus, and I made Shaun name his warlock "Zack Warris". I am hilarious! I've made it up to level 9 and now I am the person who randomly yells things like, "Beezus! Quit aggro-ing those skeletons!" and "Ahhhh! Beezus, run!"

It is pretty fun and man, I did not know so many hours could pass so quickly.

Aug. 31st, 2008

I can hardly believe I'm typing this but today is my one year anniversary with Shaun. It seems insane.

I've been reading over old LJ entries, from when we first started dating, and it makes me feel all mushy, like this one, from my birthday, and especially this one from that horrible day when Beezus tried to run away from home (such a bad kitty!) I wouldn't say I fell in love with him that day, but that was when I knew that I could love him, and that I'd be lucky to.

And now I do love him, and I think every day about how lucky I am. And I feel even luckier because for some crazy reason or badly functioning brain synapse, he loves me too.

I want to say that he lets me be myself, but that's selling him short. The truth is, he lets me be all my selves: my smart self and my sort-of-stunned self, my silly self and my serious self, my brave self and my scared self, my self that gets teary at Sex And The City episodes, and my self that tries valiantly to carry home a case of beer even though I have arms like spaghetti.

With Shaun I can be all those selves. And maybe more importantly, I can be my better self. I'm better with him. He makes me better and he makes me want to be better.

It's been a year and I still feel like I'm having the best vacation of my life.
Ohmygoodness, I love these photos so much:

They are from a series called Ghosts, by Josh Poehlein. I think they're done by actually scraping the surface of the print. I find them so ... haunting, which I guess is the point. There are more on his website!

Aug. 26th, 2008

Some awesome spam I just got:
Spears and Hilton combine with Sex "to make eye-catching headline"

It's like, meta spam!

Also, I never used to like trail mix, but I think now I've discovered the secret: you gotta eat a bit of everything (or most things) in each bite. I'm the kind of person who usually only likes to eat one type of food at a time, so I would eat trail mix by eating all the different bits separately: first a peanut, then a raisin, etc. And so I didn't really find trail mix all that appealing. But today I ate a whole handful in one bite and it was delicious! The nuts and the dried fruit together made it feel kind of like a healthy peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

I'm sure that's old news to most of you, but a revelation to me! Who knows how many other foods I've been missing out on?
I'm so glad my sweetie is home from New Brunswick! He and his mom picked out many cute and hilarious souvenirs for me, including: a starfish magnet, a mini lobster trap, and a dolphin that says 'Caraquet'. All together now: awwwww.

We spent the weekend doing some productive things (getting groceries, returning a million beer bottles) and also some non-productive things (checking out a new coffee shop, wandering around Riverdale Farm). It's funny -- I almost feel like my weekends are MORE precious now that I'm unemployed, since they're the one time I let myself forget about the fact that I'm unemployed and verging on desperate.

Still haven't heard anything back about the job, but they promised to call either way so I'm not too discouraged about that. Still, I'm anxious to know for sure. Continuing to keep my fingers crossed in the meantime.
Ok! Well, I'm pretty excited that the new 2009 Ikea catalogue is out BUT I am doubly excited that their new television campaign features 'poppers' and one of my favourite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Robert Muraine. I really love it.

Watch the video here, if you enjoy super awesome dancing and also furniture.
I'm so excited that thisisfurious lives in Toronto now! It was so fun hanging out with her and scarfboys yesterday, and drinking beer and seeing their cute apartment. Good times, good times.

My sweetie left on Friday for a week in New Brunswick, and I miss him already. He left me 'beer money' though, so at least I can drown my sorrows. How great is he?
Also, I have always really liked Miranda July but her website promoting her book No One Belongs Here More Than You just made me die of happiness.

Shaun and I have been talking a lot about websites lately, especially bloated ones this one, that are all style and no substance. They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take weeks to build, but serve, arguably no real purpose -- other than being a placeholder on the internet, to promote the company or brand identity. Except how many people even really bother visiting them unless they're already looking for information about Corona? (And if it's information they're looking for, a flash site that takes five minutes to load and navigate through is probably not the most efficient way to go ANYWAY.)

Websites like that make me feel sort of exhausted (not to mention basically crash my computer), so the low-tech-ness of the Miranda July site REALLY appeals to me. Awhile back I had planned to put my Beezus comics online and I got overwhelmed (not to mention exhausted) by all the perceived technical requirements behind it. But this website makes me rethink all that. One of the things that people seemed to like about the comic were how basic they were anyway, so I feel like a very low tech website would be pretty appropriate. I dunno. Just some thoughts!
In further career counselling annoyances, I was doing some internet research on the workshop my counsellor signed me up for, and have found that it's TOTALLY NOT RIGHT FOR ME. She billed it as a general 'career exploration' workshop, but it's not. It's for people who have decided on a course of training or further education and want to make sure that it's a good idea for them. Like if I had decided to go back to school to become a veterinarian, I could go to this workshop for two days and take tests and find out if I'd make a good veterinarian and if going back to school was the correct course of action or if I should just try to figure out my transferable skills, etc.


Did I mention this is actually the 2nd time I've tried going to a career counsellor in Ontario? Yeah, I also went when I first moved here, (to a totally different location) and they decided that the best thing was to put me in a counselling service for 'youth with barriers to employment' -- barriers like criminal records, substance abuse, requiring housing assistance, etc. YUP THAT'S ME.

Needless to say I will be abandoning this course of action, stat.