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bloom where you're planted

andrea, sometimes awesome
10 September 1980
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"This is an unexplored danger of the Internet, that it gives people who would normally be isolated in their desires a social network to find like-minded people."
100% pure love, 100% wool, accounting, alt-country, anita loos, arm warmers, arts & crafts, baked goods, beer, beer in cans, beezus, bikes, birthdays, boggle, books, breakfast sandwiches, brothers, buffy, cats, cbc, chapbooks, charlie kaufman, cheesecake, clean sheets, clever plays, coasting, coffee, cold pizza, confidence, contact, cough drops, crawford street, cribbage, d'arcy street, debits and credits, douglas coupland, embroidery, emotional resonance, fall, feminism, festive special, first dates, footloose, free stuff, geniuses, getting lucky, grey's anatomy, group dynamics, handjob sally, home decorating, hot toddies, hott action, how to be better, inside jokes, kiss machine, knee-jerk liberal arguments, knitting, lacoste, leaves, libraries, lost, lush, making it happen, martinis, microserfs, mixology, movies about the-transformative-powers-of-dance, muffins, neil gaiman, no funswick, one-hour crime dramas, over-achieving, pink and red, proclaiming things, productivity, projects, public transit, pubs, puzzles, queer as folk, red wine, riding downhill, rummy, sales, saturday mornings, scarves, scrabble, second dates, short stories, speed scrabble, spider solitaire, spirit animals, spontaneous visits, sports night, spring, stars, streetcars, sushi, sweaters, swiss chalet, taddle creek, tedium, the globe books section, the search for alexander, the weakerthans, toronto, toshiba, tragicomic heroines, truffles, turtlenecks, tv on dvd, under-achieving, unrequited love, urban magic, velvet blazers, voluptuousity, what moves us, wine anytime, word games, work socials, writing, your boyfriend, zines